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Recording video (and audio) of your meeting
Recording video (and audio) of your meeting

Learn how to use Supernormal to record your meetings

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In addition to transcribing and generating notes, Supernormal can also record video and audio of your meetings. Recording video works a little differently depending on which platform you are using, so please refer to the instructions for the relevant one!

Google Meet

๐Ÿ“Œ First, install the Supernormal Chrome extension if you've not already done so.

While Supernormal is running on your call, click "Record" on the Supernormal widget at the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

A pop up will appear shortly with a request to admit the Supernormal bot, Norm. This can take a few seconds.

Upon clicking "Admit", Norm will join your meeting, and you will know that video is being captured because the widget will read:

โ— Note: If Norm is not admitted to the meeting it will not be recorded.

Zoom & Microsoft Teams

To record your meetings on Zoom and Microsoft teams, turn on "Record audio & video" from your Account Settings page.

Whenever the Supernormal bot joins your call, video will be recorded. To learn more about how to further manage which meetings Supernormal captures, click here

โ— Note: if you're not the meeting host, you'll need to make sure the host allows the bot to join. Otherwise, the meeting cannot be recorded.

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