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Using Supernormal with Microsoft Teams
Using Supernormal with Microsoft Teams

Learn how to transcribe (and record) your teams meetings

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Supernormal allows you to automatically transcribe or record video of all of your Microsoft Teams meetings, or selectively choose which meetings get captured.

Automatically transcribe all meetings

To automatically capture transcriptions on all of your meetings, turn on "Take notes for Zoom and Teams meetings" from your Account Settings page.

Supernormal will automatically join and transcribe any Teams meeting on the calendar that you've linked to your Supernormal account.

Automatically record video of all meetings

If you'd like to also add recording in addition to transcribing to all of your Teams meetings, turn on "Record audio & video" from the your Account Settings page.

Choose which meetings you record

You can also opt to not run Supernormal automatically and instead only run it on specific meetings. To do so, follow the steps below:

First, turn off automatic note taking

Make sure that "Automatically take notes" and "Record audio & video" settings are turned off in your Account Settings page as shown here:

Then, add Supernormal to an individual call with one of these two methods:

  1. Before the meeting starts → Invite via calendar event
    When your calendar is synced with Supernormal, you can add Supernormal to any meeting by adding [email protected] as an invitee/participant on the calendar event. Note that you must sync your calendar with Supernormal for this method to work.

  2. During the meeting → invite from the “Share meeting” flow within Teams
    To add Supernormal to a Teams meeting while the meeting is in progress, invite [email protected] to the meeting. From the meeting screen, click on "People", and then "Share invite", then "Share via default email".

    Send the email that populates to [email protected] from the email address that is linked to your Supernormal account. After a few seconds, the Supernormal AI bot will join the meeting, at which point the meeting will start to be recorded.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • 🎥 By default, when joining via the share meeting flow or calendar invite, Supernormal will capture both transcription and video.

  • ⏳ It can take up to 60 seconds for the Supernormal AI bot to join a call after the invite has been sent. Please be patient!

  • 🤝 The meeting host must allow the Supernormal bot to join the call. If the host does not let the bot in, Supernormal cannot transcribe or record the meeting.

  • ✉️ The email to [email protected] MUST come from the email address that is linked to your Supernormal account. Sending it from a different email address will not work.

  • 🌟 Teams and Zoom support, as well as video recording are Pro features. They are not supported on the Starter Plan.

After the meeting has finished

Shortly after your meeting has concluded, you will get an email from Supernormal letting you know that your meeting is ready for notes to be generated and shared with others. You will also see the meeting under "Your recordings" in the Supernormal home page.

Note: Removing the bot from the call part-way through will end the transcription (and recording) at that point. You will be able to see the only the section of the meeting where the bot was a participant.

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