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Managing an Organization as an Admin

Manage the billing and account settings for your organization

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

An organization’s admin is the person who manages billing for that organization. They are also the only person who can control org-wide settings and remove team members from the organization.

Managing Billing

To learn more about how to manage billing, visit Add or Change your payment method.

Public link sharing

You can choose whether to allow members of your organization to share links to meeting notes and recordings publicly. When disabled, only members of the organization or anyone specifically invited by the meeting owner will be able to access the meeting by link.

Joining this organization

Enabling this will automatically add anyone from your corporate domain who signs up for Supernormal to your organization. Please note that we will bill you for any new seats (beyond the included 5) automatically

Managing your organization’s members

You can add or remove members from your organization by navigating to the “Members” tab from your Organization settings page.

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