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What happens if I go over my minutes or meetings?
What happens if I go over my minutes or meetings?
Written by Abigail Campbell
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Starter Plan

If you go over the 20-50 meetings per month limit, your meetings will still be captured, but you will not be able to review the notes unless you upgrade to a Pro plan. When your monthly cycle resets, the transcription and notes for those meetings will become available. However, those meetings will then count towards your meeting limit for the new month.

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Pro Plan

If you’re on a Pro plan and you exceed your monthly minutes, we will simply bill you for the additional minutes used (at a rate of $0.025 per minute).

You can also upgrade to a higher tier (with more monthly minutes) at any time.

Worried about extra charges? We will notify you via email as you get close to your limit each month and you can either upgrade to a higher tier or change the way Supernormal captures your meetings (ie. turn off auto-join).

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