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Use agendas to stay aligned with the goals of your meetings

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

Agendas empower you to set clear expectations for your meetings. They help you better prepare for your meeting, stay on task, and ensure that you leave each meeting in alignment with your goals and your team.

Before Meetings

Finding Agendas

You can set an agenda for your meetings from two places:

  • From the ‘Today’ section on the Meetings page

  • Or by clicking into a future meeting from the ‘Upcoming meetings” panel

View from the ‘Today’ section on the Meetings page -

View from an individual meeting via the “Upcoming Meeting” panel -

Adding an agenda item

To add an agenda item:

  1. Click + Add an agenda item

  2. Type in your agenda item, then hit return/enter on your keyboard to save and move on to the next line to add additional items

Deleting an agenda item

Hover over an agenda item and click the ‘X’ button to the right of the item line to delete it. You can recover a deleted agenda item by clicking the ‘undo’ button immediately after the deletion.

You are not able to reorder agenda items just yet; but it is on our roadmap!

AI-generated agenda items for recurring meetings

For recurring meetings, Supernormal's AI will suggest agenda items for you based on what was discussed in previous instances of the meeting, helping you pick up wherever you left off.

These agenda items are labeled as “Added by AI”, whereas manually added agenda items are signed off as “Added by [Name]”.

To review and edit these items

  1. Click into the name of the meeting from the "Upcoming Meetings" panel

  2. From the meeting page review, remove and/or add any items (Review the steps above for adding and deleting items)

During Meetings

Google Meet

For Google Meet meetings, your agenda items can be viewed in the extension. The agenda will first be automatically displayed when the extension detects speech. To return to the extension controls, simply click on the collapse button. Freely minimize to avoid distraction, and maximize when you need to check that you are staying on track.

Zoom & Teams

Access to agendas during Zoom and Teams meetings is coming soon.

After meetings

After your meeting ends, your Agenda will be saved at the top of your meeting notes so that you may refer back to it to help you measure the efficiency of that meeting

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