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Setting your language preferences
Setting your language preferences

Get the most accurate transcripts by setting your spoken language

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See Which languages does Supernormal Support? to verify that we support the languages you meet in.

Setting your language in your Supernormal Settings

To select your transcript and notes language, navigate to your Account Settings page, find the preferred transcription language section and choose your desired language.

❗️Language preferences apply to all of your meetings, so you may experience unexpected results if you choose to speak a different language while recording.

Google Meet

Supernormal automatically sets the Google Meet captions language with the language set in your Supernormal account settings.

If you have an upcoming meeting in different language you must update the captions language in Google Meet prior to your meeting.

Important: Be sure to update the caption setting before the meeting. Transcripts cannot be generated in a different language after the meeting has taken place.

To update your Google Meet captions language, navigate to "Captions" within an active Google Meet call. You can do this by starting an instant meeting in Google Meet.

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