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Naming your bot assistant

Customize the name of the Supernormal bot for Zoom and Teams meetings so that your meeting participants know who has invited Supernormal.

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

The name of your bot can be customized at the organizational level as well as at the personal level.

If you are an Organization’s admin, to customize the name of the bot for all members of your Org, navigate to Organization Settings and enter the name you wish your Org’s bot to have. You may enter up to 50 characters.

To set the name of your bot on the personal level, navigate to Account Settings, and enter the name you’d like meeting participants to see when Supernormal joins your meetings. You may enter up to 50 characters.

Personal bot names override Organizational. So if an admin sets one name, and user’s set their own personalized names, when joining, the name of the bot will reflect the name provided by the user, not the admin.

Name changes go into effect immediately for your next meeting.

Note: The default name will be “Supernormal AI notetaker” if the name of the bot is not updated on the Organizational or Member levels.

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