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Understanding how Organizations work

Understand how organizations are created, and how to manage your organization settings and members

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

When you first set up your Supernormal account, you are automatically added to an organization.

All usage, accounting, and billing is done at the organization level, which is why every account is also a member of an organization. This allows you to share your Pro account with others and facilitate sharing of meeting notes within your organization.

Creating an Organization

If you sign up using a personal email account (ie.,, etc.) you will be added to a personal organization where you are the admin.

If you sign up using a corporate account via an identity provider (Google, Slack, or Microsoft SSO) or a corporate email address (ie., then one of three things will happen:

  1. If you are the first member of your company to sign up for Supernormal, we will create an organization for the company with you as the admin.

  2. If someone else from your company has already signed up for Supernormal AND they have enabled auto-joining for their organization, you will automatically be added to that organization.

  3. If an organization for your company already exists but the admin has not enabled auto-joining, you can request to join their organization or choose to continue to create your own organization with you as admin.

    When you select to join an organization that has not enabled auto-join, that org’s admin will receive a prompt to accept or reject your request. In the interim, until permitted, you will continue on in your own organization.

Managing your Organization

As admin, you manage how members can be added to your Org.

  • Inviting others into your organization

You can invite people to join your organization by clicking “Invite” from the top navigation bar or by navigating here and entering the email addresses of each invitee. Add email addresses for everyone you want to invite, then click “Send invites”.

  • Managing auto-joining

Admins have the authority to turn auto-join on and off. When turned on, anyone from your corporate domain who signs up for Supernormal will automatically be added to your organization.

When turned off, external members must first request to join your organization. You will then have the option to either “admit” or “dismiss”.

To enable or disable this setting, navigate to your Organization settings page and toggle on/off “Joining this organization”

NOTE: If you’re on a Pro or Business account, you will be charged for each seat according to the plan and billing frequency your Org is subscribed to.

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