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Connecting your Calendar
Connecting your Calendar

Learn how to connect your calendar to enable automatic joining on your Zoom and Teams meetings

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

Supernormal works best with Zoom and Microsoft Teams when you connect your calendar (Google or Outlook). This allows the Supernormal bot to automatically join all of your scheduled meetings, or for you to specify ahead of time which meetings you want Supernormal to join.

If you did not sync your calendar when you signed up, you may do so from the Upcoming Meetings panel to the right side of your Supernormal home page.

Once your calendar is synced, Supernormal can automatically join any Zoom and Teams meetings scheduled on your calendar. The Supernormal bot will join at the time the meeting is scheduled to begin.

To learn how to manage your auto-join preferences, check out this article.

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