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Managing when Supernormal joins your meetings
Managing when Supernormal joins your meetings

Ensure that Supernormal always joins your important meetings

Written by Abigail Campbell
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When you’ve connected your calendar to your Supernormal account, you can have Supernormal automatically join all of your calls or specify which calls you’d like it to join. (If you haven’t connected your calendar, you can learn how to do so here.

Automatically transcribe all meetings

To capture transcriptions on all meetings, and platforms, toggle on "Take notes for Google Meet meetings", as well as "Take notes for Zoom and Teams meetings" from your Account Settings page.

Supernormal will automatically capture transcriptions for any Google Meet, Teams and Zoom meeting on the calendar that you've linked to your Supernormal account.

Automatically record video for Teams and Zoom

If you'd like to also capture video for of your Zoom and Teams meetings, turn on "Record audio & video" from your Account Settings page.

In addition to transcribing your Zoom and Teams meetings, Supernormal will also record the video and audio from the meeting.

NOTE: Recording video works differently when using Google Meet on Chrome. To record a call on Meet, simply click on the Supernormal extension while you’re on the meeting. It is currently not possible to automatically record calls on Google Meet.

Choose which meetings Supernormal transcribes or records

You can alternately opt to not run Supernormal automatically and instead only run it on specific meetings.

To do so, first make sure all of the automatic capture settings are turned off on your Account Settings page as seen here:

Then, based on the meeting platform, take the corresponding directions below.

Adding Supernormal to specific meetings only

Google Meet

If you’ve turned off “Transcribe all meetings” in your Account Settings, when you start a Google Meet call you will see the following from the Supernormal widget:

Simply click on the Supernormal Chrome extension and the meeting will be transcribed. Click on “Start recording” if you’d also like to record.

Zoom and Teams

Before the meeting starts → Invite via calendar event

When your calendar is synced with Supernormal, you can add Supernormal to any meeting by adding [email protected] as an invitee/participant on the calendar event. Note that you must sync your calendar with Supernormal for this method to work.

During the meeting → invite from the “Participants” flow (Zoom) or “Share meeting” flow (Teams)

To add Supernormal to a Zoom or Teams meeting while the meeting is in progress, invite [email protected] to the meeting in the same way that you would invite any other participant while the call is underway.

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