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Managing which meetings Supernormal joins
Managing which meetings Supernormal joins

Ensure that Supernormal always joins your important meetings

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

When you’ve synced your calendar to your Supernormal account, you can have Supernormal automatically join all of your meetings or specify which meetings you’d like it to join. (If you haven’t synced your calendar, you can learn how to do so here.)

Automatically transcribe all meetings

To capture transcriptions of all meetings on Meet, Teams and Zoom, toggle on Automatically take notes for Google Meet meetings, as well as Join all calendar events with a meeting link from your Account Settings page.

Supernormal will automatically capture transcriptions for any Google Meet, Teams and Zoom meeting on the calendar that you've linked to your Supernormal account.

Automatically record video for Teams and Zoom

If you'd like to also capture video of your Zoom and Teams meetings, turn on Record audio & video from your Account Settings page.

In addition to transcribing your Zoom and Teams meetings, Supernormal will also record the video and audio from the meeting.

Note: Recording video works differently when using Google Meet on Chrome. To record a call on Meet, simply click Record from the Supernormal extension bar while you’re on the meeting. It is currently not possible to automatically record calls on Google Meet.

Customizing your preferences for selective meeting capture

If you prefer that Supernormal not automatically join all meetings on your calendar, you can turn off auto-join for Meet and restrict auto-join for Zoom and Teams or fully turn auto-join off for Zoom and Teams.

To turn off auto-capture for Meet, disable the Automatically take notes for Google Meet meetings setting and see below for how to capture select meetings

To set Supernormal to only automatically join the Zoom and Teams meetings you have organized select Join only calendar events that I created.

To turn off all automatic capture for Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings select Join only when I invite [email protected].

Inviting Supernormal to capture meetings when auto-join is off or restricted

Google Meet

If you’ve turned off Transcribe all meetings in your Account Settings, when you start a Google Meet call you will see the following in the Supernormal widget:

Simply click on the Supernormal Chrome extension located in your search bar and the meeting will be transcribed when you join. Click on “Record”, if your plan also supports video recording, when you want the meeting captured with video and audio.

Zoom and Teams

If you have turned off auto-join, or selected auto-join only for meetings you organized, but need Supernormal to join a meeting you have not, follow the below instructions:

Before the meeting starts → Invite via calendar event

When your calendar is synced with Supernormal, you can add Supernormal to any meeting by adding [email protected] as an invitee/participant on the calendar event.

Note: You must sync your calendar with Supernormal for this method to work and must invite at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

During the meeting → invite from the “Participants” flow (Zoom) or “Share meeting” flow (Teams)

To add Supernormal to a Zoom or Teams meeting while the meeting is in progress, invite [email protected] to the meeting in the same way that you would invite any other participant while the call is underway.

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