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Automatically capture all calendar events

Automatically transcribe all Teams meetings on your calendar

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

To invite Supernormal automatically to all of your Teams meetings, select "Join any calendar events that include a meeting link" from your Account Settings page.

Supernormal will automatically join any Teams meeting that is on the calendar you've linked to your Supernormal account.

Automatically record video of all Teams meetings

If on a plan that supports video recording, and you would like to also record video of all Teams meetings, in addition to selecting "Join any calendar events that include a meeting link" enable "Record audio & video" from the Account Settings page.

In addition to transcribing your Teams meeting, Supernormal will also record the video and audio from the meeting.

After the meeting has ended

Shortly after your meeting has concluded, you will get an email from Supernormal letting you know that your meeting and meeting summary are ready to review. You will also see the meeting under Your meetings on the Supernormal home page.

❗Removing the Supernormal bot from the meeting part-way through will end the transcription (and recording) at that point. You will receive notes for only the section of the meeting during which the bot was present.

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