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Zapier Integration
Zapier Integration

Learn how to connect Supernormal to other apps using Zapier

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

Supernormal seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, like Google Docs, Google Calendar, Notion, and more! Use Zapier to export meeting notes, or any part of meeting notes including, the notes link, gist, summary, transcript, and action items into other tools, automatically!

‍Connecting Supernormal to Zapier

  1. Check to make sure your calendar is synced with your Supernormal account- see Connecting your calendar

  2. Enable the Zapier integration

  1. Follow the simple setup instructions to connect your Supernormal account with your preferred tools

  2. Customize Your Workflow: Set up automated triggers and actions to create personalized workflows that best suit your needs

  3. Watch the Magic Happen: Once you've set up your Zaps, Supernormal will handle the rest, automatically logging notes and ensuring your information is always up to date

Additional Zapier resources:

Zap templates for popular apps:

❗️This feature is available to Pro and Business users

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