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Pipedrive Integration

How to integrate Supernormal with Pipedrive

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

Supernormal integrates with Pipedrive to sync your recording, notes and highlights with deals and contacts.

Connecting Supernormal to Pipedrive

  1. Make sure your calendar is connected to your Supernormal account. See the connecting your calendar article for help.

  2. Go to integration settings in Supernormal.

  3. Enable the Pipedrive integration.

  4. Sign in to Pipedrive and connect your account.

How to save your meeting recording and notes to Pipedrive

When you have a scheduled meeting on your calendar and record it with Supernormal, we'll locate your Pipedrive contacts by matching the email address(es) of the call participant(s) with those in Pipedrive. To send your recording and highlights to Pipedrive contacts, click on the Pipedrive integration in your share menu. It's that simple!

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