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Selectively capture calendar events

Choose which meetings you'd like Supernormal to capture

Written by Abigail Campbell
Updated over a week ago

Check your settings

To have Supernormal take notes for select meetings on Google Meet, go to Account Settings and disable the toggle labeled Automatically take notes for Google Meet meetings.

How the extension appears

When you join a meeting, the extension (located at the bottom-left corner of your window) will display relevant information to communicate its status.

Here are some states to look out for to ensure that the extension is working properly:

  1. With Automatically takes notes for Google Meet meetings disabled, you will see the following state of the Supernormal extension. Click on Start to start taking notes.

2. Once you join a meeting, the extension will automatically start taking notes once it detects speech. The stopwatch displays how much time has passed since the extension started taking notes.

3. Once you leave the meeting or the meeting ends, a new tab will open and direct you to your notes in Supernormal.

❗️For very short meetings with minimal discussion, notes may not be generated.

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