Note: A workspace is required to create groups. If you aren’t part of a workspace and would like to be, contact us at [email protected] for help.

1. Find the new group button in the sidebar

2. Set up your group

Choose a name and privacy level. Groups are private by default, so you’ll want to add teammates by name or email to give them access. Make your group public to allow anyone in your workspace to view your recordings.

Public groups are useful for organizing content, while private groups are useful for sharing with a limited set of people.

All done!

Your new group is ready. You can rename and add or remove members at any time by visiting your group’s settings. You can also link your new group to a channel in your Slack workspace. Read more about that here.

Sharing to a group

You’ll now see your new group listed as a sharing option after recording a video:

Now, you and members of your new group will be notified any time a new video is shared.

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