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Linking a group to Slack

Automatically share new videos to a Slack channel of your choice

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You can set up and manage your Slack connection by visiting your group’s settings. If you don’t yet have a group, learn about creating one here.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your group’s settings page

Skip to step 3 If you or someone on your team has already connected to Slack.

2. Add Supernormal to Slack

Click the Add to Slack button, then follow the steps to connect your Supernormal team to Slack.

Note: be sure to choose to the correct Slack workspace for your team, otherwise you may inadvertently share videos to a different Slack workspace you belong to.

You'll be sent back to your group’s settings page once the connection is made.

3. Choose a Slack channel

Now that your team is linked with Slack, you can set up automatic sharing for any group you manage. Choose a channel listed in the dropdown, then click save. We’ll now share new videos to this group to the Slack channel of your choice. Note: only public channels are supported at this time.

All done!

New videos shared to your group will now automatically post to Slack, too. ✨

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