Understanding sharing

There are two key things to know about how Supernormal videos can be shared:

  1. Videos can be shared via URL

  2. Videos can be shared by inviting group or workspace members and anyone else via email

In the first case, creators on Supernormal exercise control over how their post can be shared when in their own private space. In the second case, group administrators have a bit more control over how videos shared to their group can or cannot be shared externally.

Private groups created in your workspace restrict external sharing via URL by default, meaning only authenticated people may view the group video shared with them.

Note that enabling link sharing does not mean videos within your group are publicly accessible via search engines like Google or Bing. It only means anyone with the URL can view the one video anonymously.

Managing public link sharing

If you're a group administrator, you can choose whether or not to allow videos to be shared with anyone via URL. To change your group's setting, do the following:

1. Go to your group’s settings

2. Toggle the setting

Find the sharing section, then click the toggle to enable or disable public link sharing.

3. All done!

All videos posted to your group will now inherit this setting. Note that group members may still invite workspace members and anyone by email to the view videos they’ve shared to your group.

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